Have you mastered the art of seduction?

We are seeking content contributors.

It's important to us that our listeners feel satisfied with their audio experience. 

By offering educational programs, along with providing seductive material, OhCleo aims to become the all encompassing, world-class platform, for women's sexual exploration. 

One of our goals is create audio erotica that entices our customer base to come back for more. 

The content will consist of several components to achieve the result we are after: 

 - High quality recordings

 - Confident and sensual voices

 - Narration of scripts to seduce women

 - Authenticity is paramount for narration and acting

See the below guidelines for a more detail job description. 

If you feel you can contribute to any of the below tasks, we warmly welcome your application. 

Please keep respect in mind when producing content. 

Voice Contributors:

The goal is to have our listeners completely submerged in our audio series, feeling turned on and yearning for more. To accomplish this level of devotion, there needs to be a strong connection from the listener to the narrator. It’s important that the narrator puts emotion into their story telling, and becomes engrossed, like they are participating in the fantasy (or at least sell it as such). Taking us on a guided audio journey into the depths of the desires of women all over the world is no simple task. However, once in the groove your character, possibilities are endless.

Experienced Story Tellers:

We are seeking writers who can quickly captivate our listeners, with sexy fantasies and seduction techniques. We are offering two formats to begin. 

The first is a monologue script, where the narrator speaks directly to the listener. Take charge and use your charm to give her love, affection and attention. Guide her through your thoughts. What have you been fantasizing you will do together? Show her how much she's desired. 

The second method of writing we ask for, is short story format. What naughty adventures have you and your partner gotten into? You've had a crush on the girl, what happens when the feelings are reciprocated? Exercise your imagination to take our listeners on an erotic and sensual journey. 

Getting in touch with our feminine side

We strive to create the perfect balance between wellness and seduction.

Acknowledging every 

woman's desires and needs 

is the forefront of our core values.

About us

Our Mission and Message

Sexual wellness and liberation is our passion! We at OhCleo are setting out to provide a channel for the exploration of fantasies, pleasure and health that is catered specifically to women. Focusing on the gap in the market, we want to create a sexy space for women to seek when they’re in the mood, with our sensual audio programs. 

The porn industry is overwhelmingly unbalanced, in favor of male fantasies. Half of the world's population has been neglected. But, it's not because women don’t watch porn, rather because the industry is predominantly ruled by men, for men. Roles including casting, production, scriptwriting and filming are all male dominated. Although women are usually the stars of the videos, they are still not frequently having a larger input behind the scenes.

Our team has been creating customized audio content in a wide spectrum of genres and formats. From guided self love sessions, to master classes from sex and realtionaship therapists, to erotic stories, we are sure to have something for everyone. By narrow focusing on women’s wants, needs and desires, we can refine the content we create, delving on a deeper level. Because OhCleo is run by women, we aim to collect an immense amount of data, creating a stronger connections to our listeners. Whether she is seeking intimacy, dominance, or kinky tips, OhCleo will find the best solution for getting women what they want and desire most. 


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