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Job description

Audio Erotica Creator

A bit about us

OhCleo is an audio erotic platform to encourage judgement-free sexual exploration, with a feminine focus. We have created a sexy space to inspire people across the world to experiment with their sexuality with our expansive and diverse audio library that is both sensual and educational. OhCleo aims to set the standard of high quality content for arousal and self empowerment.

Job description

OhCleo is in search of content contributors for our sensual miniseries! Emotionally connect with the listener to engage her deep within the fantasy. The stories should be immersive, bringing to life experiences of each sexual adventure and the characters involved. We put a high value on authenticity in our content, so ask that experienced personnel inquire with samples of past work as an audition. Your goal is to emotionally engage the listener and make her experience the moment.

We have two categories of erotic programs:

Seduce Me: This is a seduction, speaking directly to the listener, as if the room with you. Developing a connection and establishing trust is an important element for any successful seduction. Keep setting and environmental details to a minimum. Also, stay away from any physical details of the listener, as we want to include women of all body types, ethnicities and backgrounds. We are an inclusive platform and want each listener to feel the experience is catering to her needs and desires. 

These episodes are 10-12 minutes long.

Arouse Me: This section of audio erotica is filled with tantalizing fantasies, delivered in a miniseries format. Setting the scene and following a set of characters through their sexual experiences and sensual journeys. Create vivid fantasies to satisfy the listener’s desires and imagination.

These episodes are 10-12 minutes long.

We welcome experienced kink contributors! Please make sure you are sharing sexual fantasies that come from a place of knowledge and experience. 

We are looking forward to hearing voice samples/auditions!

Check out the link for examples from our content library:

Job requirements

  • Professional and serious inquires 
  • You will be fluent english speaker
  • You will have an active and sexy imagination!
  • You will have a good speaking voice
  • Recording experience
  • Access to professional recording programs and equipment